Here are some of the characters you’ll meet during your journeys in Brightopia!

Guide & Diplomat

She’s your tour guide as you travel through the land of Brightopia. She’s outgoing, energetic, kind and empathetic. She tries to see every side of an issue. At times, she can also be stubborn and impulsive, though, particularly when she sees bullies or injustice. Her kind acts and ability to consider the needs of others have made her a prominent diplomat loved throughout the land of Brightopia.

Master at the Hero Dojo

Master Yang runs the Hero Dojo. Students from all over the land of Brightopia, and even beyond, come to train under his tutelage. Pay attention to Master Yang’s sage advice, for he is rarely wrong, and he has much to offer you as you continue on your journey to become a hero.

Mischief-maker and Adventurer

An orphan who was taken in by Master Yang, Milo is full of energy. So full of energy, in fact, that he keeps getting himself into trouble! The other students at the Hero Dojo think he’s nothing but trouble, but he has a good heart and is a loyal friend. He loves to explore, in fact, his greatest dream is to one day make a journey to the stars.

Leader of the Super Sparcs

Mamoru is the leader of the Super Sparcs, a group of heroes under the tutelage of Master Yang that defend the land of Brightopia from all forms of evil and danger. Smart, dedicated and honest to a fault, Mamoru makes for an exemplary hero. Unfortunately, he can also be somewhat naive, which makes him the perfect target for Milo’s pranks!

Scientist and Inventor

The preeminent researcher and scientist in the land of Brightopia, Alby is always working on his next invention or experiment! His curiosity is boundless, although this can cause him to get carried away at times. He focuses his talents on inventions and discoveries that can make the land of Brightopia an even better and brighter place.

Princess of Lettropolis

Ettie is the little princess of Lettropolis. She is very kind and wise beyond her years. She is also considerate and thoughtful. She loves reading stories with her mom, Queen Audra, and playing with her brother Aiden.

Prince of Lettropolis

Aiden is very smart, and prides himself on his cleverness. Unfortunately, he has decided to focus his energies on submitting the castle staff to pranks and practical jokes. The King and Queen of Lettropolis are at their wits end over his antics, and fear he may not make a suitable ruler for the land of Lettropolis.

Premiere Artist at Artshire

Sanaa is a sweet and gentle soul who has a singular passion for all things art. She is happy to introduce all newcomers  to all the  fun art-related activities available in her home of Artshire!

SparcPet Sanctuary Caretaker

Melody is a bright girl with a soft-spot for animals of all kinds. That’s why she runs the SparcPet Sanctuary, which serves as a home for pets in the world of Brightopia.

Student & Challenge-maker

Are you up for a challenge? Fiero always is! A student at the Hero Dojo, he is always trying to better himself and others by coming up with various challenges. The others sometimes find his enthusiasm a bit tiring, but he’s so positive and earnest it’s hard not to like him.


Don’t let Mary’s mild-mannered demeanor fool you, her love for books is unmatched. That’s why she is the librarian for the largest library in Brightopia. When you visit the library, you’d better treat the books and the other readers respectfully, or you’ll have to answer to her!