Brightopia is home to many different locations, all with their own unique culture and charm! Make sure you visit them all!



One of the biggest cities in Brightopia, it is Brightopia’s┬ápremiere location for┬áculture and language studies! Their library is among the largest in the world, with books from throughout Brightopia. Don’t forget to drop by Idea Alley, where the nerds gather to share the latest tech knowledge and discoveries. They have an awesome video arcade there…!


Hero Dojo

Master Yang created the Hero Dojo in order to help Sparclings and humans all over the world to learn how to be heroes. The Dojo is filled with all sorts of games and training activities that help you to master the knowledge and skills needed to become a true hero. He hopes you’ll visit often, as there is always more to learn!


Mathe Meadows

A vast farmland that is currently having some difficulties keeping afloat, the Mathe Meadows could use your help! Help them farm their crops and manage the farm. As their farm grows, so will you!

The land of Brightopia is always growing, so be on the look out for new lands!