In BrightSparc, you prove your mettle as a hero by going on adventures. These adventures test your knowledge and skills, and only by mastering the required knowledge and skills can you complete the adventure. Having trouble? Just head back to the Hero Dojo for some more training!

Here are some adventures you will have during your journey to Brightopia!

Go for the Gold! Hidden Treasure in the Ellora Ruins

While reading his favorite book, Treasure Island (okay, looking at the pictures…), Milo found a treasure map tucked in between the pages! It shows the path to a hidden treasure in the Ellora Ruins. There’s only one problem. The ancient people who built the Ellora Ruins loved to devise devilish puzzles and used them to keep out anyone who tried to come steal their treasure. Milo needs your help to solve the puzzles and get the hidden treasure. He’s even agreed to split the treasure with you! Are you up for the adventure?

Something Doesn’t Add Up… Save the Meadows!

It’s business as usual at the Meadows, and unfortunately, that means a failing business. The owner, Barrow, is afraid of losing the farm that has been in his family for generations. Competition is tough, and no matter how hard the field hands work, it seems the farm always ends up in the red. Can you help the Meadows turn around their failing farm and make it into a success?

Bringing Words To Life: Claire’s Story

Little Claire loves to read, but there’s one big problem. All the words she reads look jumbled! Can you help her make sense of those jumbled letters, and figure out what is really happening? Perhaps there’s more to Claire’s problem than meets the eye…

The Rightful Hare: A Rabbit’s Tale

Prince Aiden has stolen the Stone of Ellora, a powerful stone devised by the ancients to translate any language! It is the most prized treasure of the people of Lettropolis, and without it they will lose their status as the master scribes of Brightopia. He is challenging heroes to come and beat him in a game of wits. The winner gets the Stone… that is, if there IS a winner! Prince Aiden seems pretty confident he will beat even the best of heroes. Terra and the Princess Ettie, Aiden’s little sister, personally ask for your help in returning the Stone to its proper owners. Can you beat Prince Aiden at his own game? And just what is Aiden really up to?

This is just a sampling of the missions you will encounter as you play the game. There are many more missions to come!